September 20, 2014

Saturday Confessions

Here I am, posting again on a Saturday morning.  Today I'm off to the gym (for the first time in forever) and to run some errands.  I'm telling you about the gym thing so you can ask me, "Hey did you go to the gym?".  Because accountability.

I just can't quite get my act together enough to post on Fridays it seems.  Getting Stuff and Things up by Thursday takes a lot out of me.  Setting up the link up and all…


Here's some confessions.

+I bought these shoes at Famous Footwear a couple of weeks ago because I wanted something slightly dressier than my TOMS (because I do wear my TOMS to school) and I thought these would work.  They're comfortable and don't give me blisters and…as soon as I walked into school with them, I realized why they looked so familiar.  

One of my students has them.  I like her though, so it's okay.  

+This is the folder I use for storing all of my "to-be graded" papers.  That label has seen better days.

Last year, my students gave me so many Frozen stickers that I had to put them somewhere because kids watch you when they give you stuff.  You have to wait if you want to throw things away.  The stickers stayed and carried over into this year.  

+I haven't had a haircut since February.

+Last weekend, I let my phone die on purpose.  I didn't check it from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.  It was kind of wonderful.

+I'm very over people pimping out their Stitchfix affiliate links.  Come on, bloggers.  You're better than that.  I bought my own Stitchfix boxes for 6 months last year.  No one gave me any credits and I didn't really expect anyone to.  When you say you "kept the whole box!" and spent two-hundred-odd dollars on 5 pieces of clothing but "THANK YOU!" to everyone who gave referral credits, I'm not really sure how I feel about you.  I almost want to say "Please stop being cheap" and then I also want to say, "If you can't afford Stitchfix, just stop".  Also, read this article about Stitchfix.  (Edit: I hold no ill will against you if you tell me about your Stitchfix.  I actually like seeing what people choose to keep.  Just don't ask me to pay for it.)

+I am incapable of making hard-boiled eggs.  Maybe it's because there is probably no other food I'd rather not eat than hard-boiled eggs.  They make me throw up.  A lot of people enjoy them though, including Scott.  So I try.  I've tried every method, every which way, and they always end up not how they're supposed to be.  I don't understand how I can make so many different foods and desserts with success…but cannot hard boil an egg.  It's becoming a problem.  

And that's it.  Anything to confess?  Can you hard boil eggs?  Do you wax poetic about how wonderful Stitchfix is?  

September 18, 2014

Stuff and Things 9/18

+Did you sign up for The 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Swap?  I recommend it!

+I figured out why I had so much time to work out at the gym and cook fancy desserts a couple of years ago:  I didn't clean the house.  It was the bare minimum in Alaska.  Although, to be fair, it was just me and Scott, and most of the time just me.  I vacuumed a lot.  That was about it.  Here, I feel like I'm cleaning all the time.  I think there was only one or two friends who ever visited us at our house in Alaska and they were close enough friends that they didn't care what the house looked like.  (Aren't those the best kind of friends?)
When we moved to Missouri, I decided I would step up my game and now I feel like I'm always straightening, sweeping, folding, etc.  It's an exhausting way to live.

+The No Starbucks thing is going well!  I don't even feel tempted because, like Sonja says here, Starbucks probably just doesn't do it for me in the end.  I have been to Panera twice.  I had an iced latte 2 weeks ago and a hot latte on the 45 degree day last week.  I'm feeling good about this.  Oh, and I had the world's worst caramel latte at the Air Force Academy last week.  I thought it was like caramel-flavored water and I didn't even drink half of it (so that doesn't count, right?)

+Yesterday a student was in tears and I was finally like, "What's wrong?" and she was like, "My pen is in my backpack and I needed it and I raised my hand and I had it up for a long time and you didn't call on me and I know you saw me."  All through tears.  And I was all, "It's okay, really. Get your pen!" and she's still crying and I'm like, "Hey, we all have problems.  I'm hungry, I've got kids not listening, my dog made a mess this morning and I was late for work…" and she started laughing and that was the end of it.  But I could've went on…"…and I'm living in a half-finished house and my husband's at training and I'm dog-sitting as a favor to a friend so I have THREE dogs to take care of instead of two and the coconut milk leaked so I had to empty the fridge this morning and I brought cereal for lunch today (CEREAL) because that's how well-prepared for life I am…etc, etc……etc.  

I think I made my point though.  

And that's all I've got for today.  Sorry for the sad, picture-less post.  But, for real, sign up for that pumpkin swap.

September 17, 2014

3 months into a remodel

3 months into this remodel, the living room is finished.  There aren't any curtains yet, but I'm not sure what I want and/or if they're even necessary.  I like the wooden blinds.

Don't mind the kitchen table.  The living room is its current home.

We are still missing one piece of trim by the door.  I'm patiently waiting for someone to cut it…

The rug is from Lowe's.  The t.v. stand is from an antique/country furniture store in Pennsylvania.  The table is currently hanging out in the living room room while we finish the kitchen/dining room (which is really just one big room).  That bench goes with the table but we've been using it as an ottoman/coffee table.

In case you've forgotten, here's what the living room looked like before…this did not happen overnight.  Again, 3 months.

It actually hurt to put our furniture on that carpet.

Thankfully it was only like that for one day.  I moved into this house on June 7th.  We ripped up the carpet on June 8th.

The dogs were quite helpful.

But not so helpful that they didn't have to be locked away for a time.

Sand under the carpet.  It was disgusting.  And I pulled out every single staple with a pair of pliers.  THAT is why my back hurt this past summer.  I spent days with the heating pad after we ripped up that carpet. 

Look how little!

I'd call the plywood an improvement.

The process is: tarpaper, leveling cement, let it dry, primer, let it dry, whittle down the leveling cement so it's not bumpy, cut the floor with a circular saw, snap the floor into place, pull the floor boards back up, use the glue to stick them back down into place.  That's why it has taken so long.  

We now just have to finish the kitchen side and all will be well in the world of glue-down bamboo flooring.  

Looking back, we've come really far.  So I'd call living-room DONE a victory.  

September 16, 2014

How I ended up with an Emily Ley planner

I went to school looking a bit like a yoga teacher yesterday.  It was just a professional development day and I spent all afternoon cleaning out my closet.  They're almost as casual here as they were in Alaska.  The sweatshirt is PSU UnderArmour and was on clearance.  I couldn't pass it up.  Just like the Emily Ley planner I now have…but the planner was definitely not on clearance.  

Last year, I was somehow directed to the Emily Ley website and I looked at their planners.  I was intrigued.  I already had my Erin Condren planner for the year but I was pulled in by the preppy design and beautiful layout of the Simplified Planner.

Obviously I didn't get one.  Besides, they were sold out.  I was almost amused by the fact that these planners sold out within weeks of going on sale.  Somehow I ended up on the mailing list (okay, I know how I ended up on the mailing list). I wondered what made them so special and expensive.

My Erin Condren planner ended over the summer so, for this year, I bought a $13 planner at Target back in June.  It's cute and all.

On September 1st, I got the notification email saying 2015 Emily Ley planners would be on sale September 3rd.

"That's nice", I thought.

On September 3rd, I just happened to be at a training where I was working on my personal laptop all day when I got the email saying they were officially ON SALE.

"Well, crap", I thought.

Before I knew it, I had ordered one.

When my coworker saw me ordering, she asked what it was and I explained.  Then she showed me her $7 planner.  She'd never heard of Emily Ley or Erin Condren.

"Yes, I used to be like you", I thought. "Then I got a blog and now I want new, shiny things all the time".

Thing that is both new and shiny.  Also, I can't make use of it for another 4 months..

What kind of planner do you have?

September 15, 2014

The 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Swap

It's that time again!  I really hope you'll join Becky and me for this fun, fall tradition.  

If you'd like to sign-up, here are the specifics.
1. Fill out the form to sign up for the swap! (no exceptions after 11:59pm on Saturday, 9/20)
2. By Monday, September 22nd, you will get an e-mail with your swap partner.
3. Once you know your partner, please make contact within 48 hours (by Wednesday, September 24th) to get to know a bit more about each other!
4. Spend $15-$20 ( plus shipping) to put together a fun package for your partner.
5. Mail your package on or before Friday, October 3rd.
6. Link up with us on Friday, October 17th to share your swap goodies!

Hopefully we'll see your name on the list by Saturday…  Happy Shopping!

(And you do need to scroll in the form to get to the submit button.)